Content Creation

Are you looking for nutrition, fitness or wellbeing content for your brand, workplace or sporting team? Caitlin can specifically develop nutrition, yoga and lifestyle content for your audience. Whether it’s for educating health professionals, consumers, athletes or your staff, Caitlin will work with you to develop strong and specific content that will deliver your message and empower action. Some of Caitlin’s key skills include recipe development and analysis, article writing, research and report writing, nutrition and food product development and substantiation, menu plan development, brand strategy, event speaker or yoga video development.

If you would like to work with Caitlin, get in touch today. Here is just a snippet of Caitlin’s work so far.

Recipe Development and Food Styling

Caitlin can develop recipes along with nutrient analysis to match your brief, as well as make, style, and shoot the final product for your social media, website or publication.

Article Writing

Caitlin loves words and delivering the latest nutrition, health and fitness news to meet your target audience. Whether your audience is consumers, staff or health professionals, Caitlin uses the most up-to-date research to develop content that is easy to digest and implement.

Brand Awareness

Caitlin consults behind the scenes with many brands to help develop nutritious food products that meet food labeling requirements. She also provides expertise in communicating a brand’s message to health professionals and consumers. All her work is based on the reviewing the latest research and market trends, to deliver up-to-date health and wellness messages. Caitlin also partners with brands and products that match her philosophy.

Yoga and Fitness Content

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As a Yoga Sports Coach, Caitlin loves developing and coaching yoga programs for individuals and groups. Whether you are looking to help athletes meet a performance objective, provide in-person or virtual yoga or fitness sessions for your staff or develop brand specific yoga and fitness content, Caitlin expertise can help you deliver the best possible experience.

Expert Comment

If you are looking for an expert comment on nutrition, food, fitness or yoga, Caitlin can provide her expertise for your article, radio or TV show, social media post, or podcast.

If you would like to work with Caitlin, get in touch today.