5 Sobering Ways to Party

With COVID restrictions easing and your social life starting to get back on track, there’s little chance you’ll be going sober during the festive season. So while it’s best not to down a bottle of wine or two and start singing Bridget Jones-style at your Christmas get-together, it’s still possible to enjoy a few drinks with your favourite people and keep your health and weight in check. Just follow these party rules:

  1. Choose a straight glass: Who would have thought the shape of your glass could affect your drinking pace? Well, according to research from the University of Bristol in the UK, we drink more quickly out of curved glasses than straight ones. So, make sure your beer, wine or spirit and soda is straight up!
  2. Put your drink down: Stand close to a table so that you can rest your glass between sips. This small pause will stop you from guzzling it and heading straight back to the bar for a top up. Super easy tactic!
  3. Opt for clear drinks: There’s a clear reason why spirits like vodka are a goer. You’ll find that mixing it with soda and fresh lime has a third less kilojoules than a glass of red wine, and less than half the kilojoules of a schooner of beer or a glass of white wine. Mixing any spirit with soda or a diet soft drink will help you save on kilojoules, while clear spirits like vodka or Bacardi will reduce the likelihood of a waking up with a hangover.
  4. Empty your glass: If you’re at an event where the wait staff come around and top up your drink, avoid the temptation of an endless supply of booze by allowing your glass to be completely empty before you accept some more. You’ll consume less and be able to keep tabs your overall tally.
  5. Make your first drink a mineral water: Delaying your first alcoholic beverage is a great way to reduce your drinking time. Slowly sip your mineral water and only grab your signature tipple after finishing it.

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