5 easy ways to enjoy Australian Papaya

Papaya boats, papaya salsa, papaya curry, papaya popsicles – there are just so many ways to enjoy this unique tropical fruit. Australian grown papaya is available all year round, making it the perfect addition to your favourite recipe regardless of the season. Packed with goodness, papaya is a delicious everyday food for people of all ages.

Red papaya is a pear-shaped tropical fruit with a green/yellow skin, it has a bright orange, smooth flesh with a sweet flavour. Yellow papaw is rounder than papaya, with yellow/orange skin, bright yellow/orange flesh and a less sweet flavour. Papaya, papaw and Carica papaya are referred to as papaya collectively, as they are considered the same nutritionally.

Papaya contains a unique bundle of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant carotenoids. A single 150g serve of papaya contains double your daily vitamin C requirements, almost a third of vitamin A needs, and more than a quarter of daily folate needs. Papaya also contains fibre and potassium, is low in energy, low fat and has a moderate GI.

Enjoyed as a snack or as an ingredient in your favourite meal, papaya with its array of nutrients plays a role in keeping the gut healthy, the immune system firing, the skin glowing and the eyes healthy. The folate it contains assists with normal cell division and growth during pregnancy, while the vitamin A and C found in papaya are important for growth and development in kids. For all the health research on papaya, download the Papaya Health Report now.

Papaya pairs beautifully with seafood, coconut, passionfruit and lime. The soft and mushy texture of papaya makes it perfect for teething babies, while its delicious taste and versatility is appealing for independent singles looking to utilise the fruit in multiple dishes over the week. My favourite way to enjoy papaya is as a boat for breakfast, while my kids love to snack on it with a squeeze of lime. Added to a curry or served with pork are also delicious ways to enjoy papaya and I’m sure if you give them a try you’ll love them too.

Five ways to enjoy Aussie papaya and reap the health benefits this autumn flush:

  1. Squeeze of citrus: pair your papaya with a squeeze of lime or citrus for a refreshing, low kilojoule snack. Add sea salt and hot paprika for an even zestier twist.
  2. Toast topper: move over avo on toast!Thinly slice papaya on top of toast with goat’s cheese, honey and mint for the perfect immune-boosting breakfast or snack.
  3. Satisfying smoothies: papaya has a high water content (90% water!), so add them to your smoothies for a tasty way to stay hydrated! Try this simple tropical papaya smoothie.
  4. Level up your salads: papaya adds colour, sweetness and a tropical twist to salads. Added benefit: papaya delivers more than double your daily vitamin C needs (225% of the RDI). Dish up my immune-boosting papaya and chicken salad.
  5. Boost your baking: add your papaya to cakes, banana bread or muffins for a source of fibre to promote happy gut bacteria. Papaya is also rich in folate to help fight fatigue and tiredness. Talk about a good mood food! Why not taste this mood-boosting papaya and lime cake