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My Latest Venture


Working within the health and wellness space, one of my main roles is to inspire and empower an individual to become their best. Whether it’s through making healthy food choices or implementing a new fitness regimen, I love providing practical suggestions so that an individual can show up each day being the best version of themselves. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the athletes I work with or the people reading my articles or blog posts, each one requires a different strategy to help them achieve their goals, in that exact point in time. And that’s the thing about being your best – you continually have to re-evaluate how well you’re doing. Life throws the craziest curve balls right when you think you’re completely in control and it’s up to you, and only you, to step up to the plate and choose how you’re going to swing.

As a health professional, I’m no different. I might know a lot about nutrition, food and fitness, but I have challenges just like you trying to put them into practice each and every day. Before kids, it use to be a lot easier. I could go for a run whenever I wanted. If I skipped my morning yoga session, I could make up the practice in the evening instead, and if I need something last-minute for dinner I could easily dash to the supermarket to get it. But now with two kids, life isn’t quite like that. Each and every day I am challenged with how I’m going to get everything I need to get done for me, as well as my family and my clients. Spending most of my time with my two gorgeous children also makes me realise how important it is to not only set a good example, but to also provide them with a healthy environment so they have the opportunity to be the best version of themselves down the track. Starting now when they’re young makes it so much easier than trying to implement a healthy lifestyle when they’re older. And it’s not just them I want to educate, inspire and empower.

Over the weekend, the first annual report into childhood obesity in NSW was released showing one in five NSW children were overweight or obese, and that our perception of what exactly a healthy weight looks like has shifted. Other statistics show approximately 50 percent of Australian women enter their pregnancy overweight or obese. While the figures are alarming, what’s more of a concern for me are the lifestyle habits that lead to these figures. The poor food choices. The inactivity. The lack of sleep. The hours spent sitting. The lost cooking skills. The connection with nature. The chaos that is life. If we continue this way, our kids are going to be in an even bigger predicament than we’re in now.

So I started thinking about what I could do and came up with an exciting new venture – J+L Lifestyle. J+L Lifestyle is a brand especially for kids, with a tasty side for adults. Kids love to be active and J+L Lifestyle will help them do this confidently and comfortably. Grabbing hold of kids natural ability to live in the moment, J+L Lifestyle will inspire kids to achieve whatever they put their minds to. I’m busy working behinds the scenes on J+L Lifestyle, but I’ll keep you posted on how things are going and when we’re ready to launch. For now, why not follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook. Oh, and I’d absolutely love it if you helped spread the word. Thank you!




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