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The Body Book

Learn to love your amazing body with Cameron Diaz’s new book.


I’m not one for purchasing celebrity health and diet books, but when I read Cameron Diaz’s views on pubic hair removal in a promotion for her new book The Body Book: Feed, move, understand and love your amazing body, I thought I would make an exception. After all, her views on skipping the Brazilian seemed to be at odds with what you would expect in Tinseltown. I was hoping her views on nutrition, exercise and body image would also contradict the extreme eating habits and exercise regimes of many celebs…. and according to her book, they do.

In The Body Book, Diaz doesn’t talk about rapid weight loss, the ideal body or eliminating any enjoyment from food. Instead she presents what she has learnt about health, exercise and nutrition from experts in the fields of medicine, nutrition, fitness, science, health and psychology. From her introduction, Diaz speaks about “your amazing body”, discipline and empowering yourself through knowledge to become a stronger, smarter and more confident version of yourself. She doesn’t call on you to shed kilos, look younger or change your whole appearance. Instead of comparing yourself to other women, Diaz encourages you to focus on your own strengths, capabilities and beauty. She wants you to know the “true joy of living in a body that is yours and yours alone, of knowing how incredible it feels to nourish yourself with good food, to move and sweat, to truly care for your health”. Her words are simple, yet every reader can take away with them some important lessons in health.

Here are just some of the tips I love from Diaz’s book:

  • Healthy food CAN taste great: “Fast food isn’t really food. We need to be eating for nutrition and this means eating whole foods, real foods. As Diaz puts it: “Real food is everything. It’s pleasure. It’s fuel. It’s nutrition. It’s family. It’s life.” I couldn’t agree more!
  • Less is more: When it comes to food, don’t believe the marketing spiel; more is not better. Too many foods have excessive number of kilojoules, but lack the vital nutrients our bodies need to function at their best. Avoid being overfed and undernourished by choosing foods that give you more nutrients and less kilojoules in every mouthful. In other words, eat whole foods, not processed foods. Exactly what dietitian have been saying for years.
  • Enjoy natural sugars: Diaz urges us to skip the added sugar, but enjoy the natural ones in the form of fruit. Despite this, she also promotes the occasional indulgence in a decadent and delicious treat. Diaz is practical. Even she will “share a dessert with friends every once in a while”.
  • Make friends with fat: When it comes to fats – choose the good unsaturated ones and control your portion sizes. Why? Because fat helps us absorb fat soluble vitamins, adds flavour and texture to food, keeps skin healthy and provides fuel for the body. Enough said.
  • Drink water as soon as you wake: Breathing during the night results in a loss of water, which we don’t replace during the night. So make sure you drink a couple of glasses of water upon waking and rejuvenate your whole body. You’ll think clearer (no more heavy, foggy head) and set your body in motion for the day. Then make sure you maintain your hydration by drinking more water, regularly throughout the day.
  • Consistency is the key: Whether it is training or eating, consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy, optimally functioning body. In other words, aim to maintain a style of eating, level of exercise and healthy habits that easily fits in with your everyday lifestyle. Forget the all or nothing mentality and be consistent over the week.
  • Health is not about depriving yourself: Too many of us view improving our health as deprivation, but Diaz puts it perfectly when she says ‘it’s about giving yourself everything your deserve”.

There are loads more fantastic exercise, nutrition, sleep and health tips from Diaz, so grab a copy of The Body Book: Feed, move, understand and love your amazing body (RRP $32.99) and check them out for yourself. There is also a great website ( designed to merge information with action.

Have you read The Body Book?

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