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EOFY Health Check

The End of Financial Year is the perfect time to get more than just your finances in order – it is the best time to review, assess and re-prioritise your health for the next 12 months ahead. 

run right nowWhen it comes to tax time, many of us leave everything to the last-minute. Whether we’re a small business or an independent, we quickly pull all our receipts, accounts and reports into order and ship them off to our accountant hoping we’ll get the best return possible. It’s only when we receive some bad news (like we own the taxman more money than we thought) that we decide to keep our affairs in order from the start of the new financial year, rather than the end. This is exactly what happens when it comes to our health too. Many of us only really start to make our health a priority when we fall ill or something happens to someone close to us. Sure we make New Year Resolutions or follow the latest fad diet for a week or two, but we never stick at it long enough to make a significant improvement to our health or lifestyle.

Then winter comes along and it’s one of the hardest times of year to stay motivated. When it’s cold and wet outside, mustering up the motivation to roll out of bed and stick to your morning runs or gym session can seem impossible. But, if we could just stay motivated during the cooler months, we would be more likely to stay fit and healthy all year round. Like everything in life, we need to set time to plan healthy behaviours, review our progress and set new actions in place to keep us on top of our game. For the best results, this review process needs to be done more than once a year. So, don’t wait until the start of summer or the New Year to set your health resolutions – schedule in time to think about them at the end of each day, week and month. This will help to keep your health on track all year round.

Start today

Being the 1st of July, it’s the perfect time to look back over your health achievements for the first half of the year. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Have I been exercising as much as I would like to?
  2. Have I been getting adequate sleep?
  3. Have my food choices been the best choices for my health?
  4. Have I been including some “me” time each week?

Then answer, “What health-related activities have I done well over the last 6 months?” and “What areas of my health do I need to improve on throughout the rest of the year?”. Once you have reviewed your progress, you can then set the goals and actions in place for the remainder of the year. But it doesn’t stop there, while inspiration gets us started, it’s habit that keeps us going. This is why it’s so important to spend five minutes each morning focusing on your health goals and five minutes each evening asking yourself:

  1. What did I do well?
  2. What could I have done better?

Consistently evaluating your how well you perform with your health and wellness goals, helps you see when you’re not prioritising your health, as well as the choices that are not in line with your wellness goals. Awareness then helps us change our habits for the better so that we can the results we’re after.


What tip do you have for maintaining our health focus throughout the year?

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