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Time To Change

Wanting to change your health but don’t have the time to even think about how you’ll go about it let alone actually make the changes? Maybe a lack of time isn’t the real reason you’re not committing to the change. 

time for changeWhen it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes, “no time” is often cited as the main reason we can’t cook, prepare healthier meals, fit in exercise or de-stress. Modern lifestyles are so busy that our health often takes a back sit. Mind you, many of us still find the time to visit the hairdresser, get our nails done, drink with friends or sit for hours in front of the computer or television. If we really want to be honest, pulling the “no time” card is just an excuse. There I said it – using the “no time” line is a copout! Sure it’s easy to say and because society encourages us to wear busyness like a badge of honour, most of us don’t feel guilty when we mutter it as our excuse for why we can’t exercise regularly or prepare healthy meals. But, if we really want to change our health for the better, many of us need to find the time to question our values and priorities in life.

I know many people who juggle hectic work schedules and still manage to find the time to exercise daily, prepare healthy meals and remain balanced with a weekly yoga session thrown into the mix. You may be thinking that it’s all very well to live a healthy lifestyle when you don’t have kids, but the truth is, a number of these people have children and still manage to find the time for making their health a priority. What these people have in common is they value their health very highly and don’t see it as something that isn’t worthy of their time. Even the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell manages to find the time to fit in exercise and eat nutritious foods. So if someone as busy as him can find the time to make health a priority and shed 50+kg then many of us don’t have a leg to stand on. Instead of letting the words “no time” easily roll off our tongues, why no investigate what value your really place on health.

When you take the time to consider things, our core values really dictate the way we live our lives. If preparing healthy meals has always fallen behind other priorities in life, then it’s unlikely that regular grocery shopping, meal preparation and healthy cooking methods will be important to us. If we only exercise during the first week of each New Year, it’s unlikely we see exercise as a vital part of each day. With this being said though,we don’t need to live our entire lives by the same values – we can change them at anytime. So before you go starting your next short-term get healthy resolution, take some time to see if your values and actions are in line with each other.

After thinking about things, you may want to change your values when you understand and accept where they are taking you. Maybe you want to be able to run around with your grandchildren but the current weight you carry or your bad knees or back are preventing you from doing so. Or maybe you wish to travel through Europe but don’t have the fitness to climb up a single flight of stairs let alone walk around the Colosseum. If this sounds familiar your current values aren’t aligned with the life you want to live. So take a moment and think about what this really means to you personally. If you keep living by your current values, then you can expect similar results to what you’re already getting. However, it’s most likely that some part of you isn’t satisfied with your current situation and where you’ll end up if you continue doing what you’re currently doing. So, don’t give up what you want most for what you want now. Decide what is really worth your time and work towards fitting it into your lifestyle.

What value do you place on your health?

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