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To diet or not to diet?

Fad diet or healthy lifestyle change? When it comes to shedding the weight before summer, fad diets are the clear winner. But, the easy road is often the one we fail the most on. 

As summer approaches, the idea of shedding a few kilos in order to be beach ready is not far for many of our minds. We want weight loss results in the quickest and easiest way possible, because we don’t have the time to commit too much effort towards it. So we follow the flavour of the month fad diet – Dukan or Paleo this year – and make the agreement to ourselves that once we’ve lost the weight we’ll eat better, exercise more and not put the weight back on. We believe this lie until the temptations of life get in the way and we struggle to keep pace with including healthy behaviours in our lifestyle. Before we know it, we’ve gone through winter the following year and we’re about to decide which fad diet we will follow next. Problem is, this time we have a few extra kilos to lose than the year before. Welcome to the world of yo-yo dieting and weight cycling!

While new research suggests yo-yo dieting may not have as big an impact on our metabolism and ability to lose weight as first thought, moving from one fad diet to the next results in many of us feeling like failures when we can’t stick to these strict and unrealistic diets. Diets really fail us because they don’t teach us healthy eating habits nor do they address our eating behaviours when we’re out socialising with friends or turn to food for comfort. That in fact is one of the biggest problems with fad diets – we often feel deprived while we are on them. When we categorise foods as forbidden, we want these foods even more and when we give in to their temptation we overeat on the very foods we were trying to avoid. We then feel guilty about our actions and either comfort ourselves with more food or start the dieting process all over again. It becomes a vicious cycle.

So if you’re someone who has been on a fad diet or thinking about going on a fad diet, take a look at the new clips from Healthy Choice. They try to empathise with dieters by revealing the pain and irritability that comes with deprivation.


I think the clips are pretty clever and offer a message about the complexity and silly eating rules that go with dieting. Most people who have dieted will be able to relate to the commercials but I don’t think they will stop many of us from looking for a quick weight loss fix in time for summer. See, behaviour change and committing to healthy lifestyle changes takes time and effort, and with so many of us lacking the energy to commit, we get sucked into anything that offers us an instant result. But if these diets were the answer to our weight woes, we wouldn’t be looking for the latest fad a year later. We would have succeeded the first time.

Can you relate to the Healthy Choice clips and the diet cycle?

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