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Product News: Rice Plus

Rice Plus is one new product you must try. This powerful blend of rice and wholegrains is a great substitution for any rice dish. With its subtle nutty texture, it tastes delicious and is rich in nutrients. With eight different ingredients, Rice Plus contains four times more fibre and 30 per cent more protein than regular brown rice. It is contains resistance starch and is lower in carbohydrates than regular brown rice – by 26 per cent in fact.

What it contains?

This powerful blend of rice and nutritious wholegrains contains:

– Brown rice: has the nutritious bran layer intact and is rich in fibre, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6.

– White basmati: is longer than most other types of rice and cooked basmati rice can be uniquely identified by its fragrance.

– BARLEYmax: is a natural, low GI wholegrain with enhanced nutritional benefits – it has twice the fibre of regular grains and four times the resistant starch.

Fried rice using Rice Plus

– Pearled barley: is a nutritious grain with a mild, nutty flavour. Pearled barley is a food source of fibre, selenium, phosphorus and manganese.

– White quinoa: is a gluten-free grain that originated in South America. While it is not a true grain (it is actually a seed) It is a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and manganese.

– Red basmati: is higher in fibre than white rice and is rich in iron, calcium and B vitamins. The antioxidant anthocyanin gives red basmati its reddish colour.

– Black rice: is more purplish in colour than black and high in nutritional value. It contains zinc and copper and has a similar fibre content to brown rice. It’s also rice in antioxidants.

– Black sesame seeds: are similar to sesame seeds and are a good source of calcium, iron, copper, manganese, iron, magnesium and fibre. Black sesame seeds are exceptionally resistant to rancidity.

Who’s eating it?

I used Rice Plus as a substitution for white or brown rice in a fried rice and dished it up as post-workout snack for the South Sydney Rabbitohs. It was easy. I simply cooked the Rice Plus in a rice cooker, cut up and cooked some capsicum, carrot, beans, mushrooms, egg whites and ham and added Rice Plus and some soy sauce. A quick and nutritious snack post workout.

A few Rabbitohs enjoying the Rice Plus fried rice

Available from Woolworths.

Have you tasted Rice Plus?

11 Responses to Product News: Rice Plus

  1. Yes I tried Rice Plus earlier this week….
    This raises the bar on rice with taste, texture and the ‘lack of hunger for longer’ feeling (low GI).
    Having been aware of BARLEYmax for a while I know the positive effects on the body Rice Plus will deliver beyond straight white rice.
    Will it be sold in bigger boxes or online in the future?

    • Thanks for your comments Martyn. Rice Plus is definitely a nutritional winner.
      Rice Plus is looking to develop a Food Service 3kg pack in the future. Any large orders can be made by contacting Rice Plus directly. The best email is

    • Hi Lyn. Absolutely. That’s how I have prepared it for the Rabbitohs. Pop 1 cup of rice with 500mls of water (2 cups) and just let it cook as you normally would. I would love to hear what you think of Rice Plus once you’ve tried it

  2. This is fantastic, it has a great flavour, so easy to prepare and it is so good for you. Once you have tried this, you will never eat normal rice again. I love it!!!

  3. I finally tried riceplus today, for lunch and dinner…LOL..and loving it.. Obviously I love my rice.. I tried it with a few of our asian dishes at lunch time just to make sure the flavour blends okay and surprisingly enough it tastes great.. I even had it with my green salad (with honey soy chicken fillet) for dinner- was so yummy, hehehe… I tried to eat healthy food as much as i can so from now on I will be having riceplus and will recommend it to my family and friends. Will it be available in every supermarket soon? and… it definitely needs in bigger boxes for people like me… cheers

  4. I would like to purchase rice plus but as I live in Lameroo South Aust. we only have an IGA store they say they dont know were they can purchase the product from because of my age I cant travel to far, Lameroo is 200 kilometers away from Adelaide can you help me.
    Thank You
    Patricia Stout

    • Hi Patricia I have passed on your enquiry to the guys at Rice Plus. Rice Plus is sold through IGA and the team at Rice Plus will be able to help regarding your location. Thanks. Caitlin

  5. So can’t wait to try but what is a standard serve size for this product? does 1 cup dry yield 3 cups cooked?

    • Yes 1 cup dry makes about 3 cups cooked. According to the new dietary guidelines, Eat for Health, 1/2 cup of cooked rice is a serve. I hope you enjoy the product.

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