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Adding more dairy to your diet

Every eight minutes, someone is admitted to an Australian hospital with an osteoporotic fracture. If we continue as we are, by 2021 this amount will double. The biggest problem with osteoporosis (the condition of weak and fragile bones that have a higher risk of breaking) is that it is a silent thief, often progressing without any symptom until a bone breaks. The good news is however, that for many people, an osteoporotic fracture can be prevented or at least the risk of fracture reduced. Here I discuss some ways to boost your bone health. 

How to use Chobani in your favourite recipes

This week just happens to be National Healthy Bones Weeks – a week committed to raising the awareness of the important role calcium-rich foods such as dairy have in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and the prevention of osteoporosis later in life. To make it easy, including 3 serves of dairy each day can help us meet our daily calcium requirements. While our calcium requirements vary depending on stage of life, age and gender, these three serves of dairy can make it likely we’re getting enough. A serve of dairy is equal to 250ml (1 glass) of milk, 2 slices of cheese (40g) or 200g tub of yoghurt. To check if you’re getting enough calcium for your age, visit the Healthy Bones Week website and take the 3 interactive steps.

Chobani cupcakes

When it comes to getting our three serves of dairy each day, most of us may pour milk on our cereal, snack on some cheese or add yoghurt in as a dessert. However, there are lots of other ways to boost your calcium intake and one of these ways is using Greek yoghurt like Chobani in your cooking. In fact, Chobani Greek yoghurt has dedicated a whole section on their website to using Greek yoghurt in cooking. They’ve even developed the Chobani conversion chart that shows how Chobani can be substituted for butter, oil, sour cream, cream cheese, buttermilk, milk and cream in any of your favourite recipes. There are plenty of tips, tricks and recipes on their Chobani Kitchen website.

Chobani Tzatziki

Cooking with Greek yoghurt

Over the last few weeks, I have used Chobani plain Greek yoghurt to make a number of delicious savoury and sweet dishes. I’ve whipped it to make fluffy cupcakes; added grated cucumber through it to get a tasty tzatziki; mixed Chobani, fetta, rosemary and prosciutto and stuffed mushrooms with the filling; added to pancake mixture and served it as a topping; and topped it with pomegranate, pistachio and honey to make a tasty dessert.


Chobani stuffed mushrooms
Pomegranate & Pistachio Chobani
Chobani Pancakes

How do you use Greek yoghurt in your cooking?

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