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9 steps to success

In this world of instant gratification, it’s hard to believe that we need to work in order to achieve our goals and reach success. While learning from our failures makes success even more sweeter, most people miss the opportunity to experience it because they don’t like the feeling of being pushed outside their comfort zone. The journey towards success is hard work and requires a certain sense of purpose to ensure we get to where we want to go. The required commitment and dedication is needed for success in any area of life, and if you look at any person you consider successful, they haven’t become that way overnight. I know that their lows aren’t always broadcasted as much as their highs, but they are definitely there. Richard Branson will tell you about his failing in his autobiography “Losing my Virginity”, while J.K. Rowling got rejected by 12 publishers before Bloomsbury Publishing brought Harry Porter to our bookshelves. Look where both of them are now. 

If you want to succeed in life, improve your health or achieve your goal weight, you need to put the effort in. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but the hard work is definitely worth it when you reach your goal. To help you on your journey, here are nine important behaviours of successful people. Add them to your checklist today.

☐ Have a clear purpose: Really focus on what you want and how you can get it. Having a clear purpose motivates you to succeed and makes it harder for things to distract you from your goal. The more clarity you have about what you want, the more efficient and effective you are likely to be at achieving a positive outcome. What is your purpose in life, health and work?

☐ Positive thinking: Your thoughts have an amazing impact on how you feel and how you live your life as a whole. Many people fall into the habit of thinking that because they have been unsuccessful in the past at achieving, then they will be unsuccessful this time. The mind is a powerful tool, so use it to your advantage by putting a positive spin on your thoughts. Make the effort to think optimistically and you are far more likely to keep moving towards your goals, even when things get tough.

☐ Be productive: To be effective with your time you need to plan. Plan what goals you want to achieve and in what time frame. The next step is then to plan what needs to be done in the next week and finally today. Each week, spend five minutes thinking about the most important things you need to get done in order to achieve your long-term goal. Write them into your calendar or schedule them into your iPhone, so that you do something towards your goal each day.

☐ Change your outcome: A successful person believes that their situation can change if they actively work towards achieving what they want. Learning to overcome setbacks and to remain optimistic are characteristics of successful people. Throughout the day, ask yourself whether you are working towards your goals. If it’s weight loss or improving blood glucose levels, are your food choices in line with achieving these goals? Concentrate on the task at hand and remain positive about the process. With enough effort and time, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

☐ Work towards it: Success is not easy – it requires hard work. Most people start on their journey towards their goals with plenty of energy and drive, but because it can be a long and windy road to success, they often run out of energy and motivation along the way. Don’t become wary from all the setbacks that occur on the road to success – use them to stay focused. Anything worth having is worth working for.

☐ Positive self-image: Your self-image rules your actions, as it is constantly telling you what you can and can’t have, should and shouldn’t do. Develop a strong view of yourself rather than a negative and destructive self-image that regularly sabotages your success in life. Have confidence in your ability to achieve by thinking about your goals at least once a day.

☐ Daily rituals: Inspiration gets you started, habit keeps you going. Initial motivation for changing your circumstances can soon peter away if you don’t make it a daily occurrence. Keep thinking about all the good things that occur when you reach your intended goal so that the journey seems exciting. If you don’t, the challenge of achieving the goal will seem more painful than pleasurable. Keep your eyes on the prize always.

☐ Be persistent: Successful people don’t give up – they keep working towards their goals. People generally give up for two reason: 1) they have poor self-image where deep down they don’t have faith that they are capable of achieving their goals so when they try, they do so half-heartedly; and 2) they don’t persist because they think there is something wrong with failing.  Successful people know that they need to fail in order to achieve. They learn from their slip-ups and change their strategies until they get the desired results. They realise that the prize is worth its weight in gold.

☐ Take responsibility for your actions: Instead of blaming circumstances or others for not achieving your goals, look at what you could have done differently. You are solely responsible for the you choices you make in life – not someone or something else. Identify which of your actions are holding you back and work towards changing them. You have the choice to change your life for the better, so make sure you choose correctly.

 What tips do you have for achieving success?

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